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香港JR設計 HK JR Design-TCL總部大樓設計概案

The aim of the project is to create a new iconic headquarters for TCL, representing its position as a leading technology company on the global stage, while meeting the development needs of modern, multi-functional offices. It was decided to position the tower to the northeast of the site so that the roof terrace could have a better view of the wetland park to the north of the site. Based on the development of Shenzhen Bay, more public space on the street from the east to the south of the site thus forming the most favorable and powerful pedestrian system. At the same time, the northwest of the tower facing the highway and forming a strong sense of presence, so that the trademark or corporate logo has a clear perspective, set up the corporate image. The building form is composed of four stacked blocks. The upper floor is dominated by office space, TCL occupies the upper floor, and the lower floor space is used by the cooperative companies. Located at the bottom, the laminated volumes contain many of the secondary functions of the development, including retail, cultural facilities, staff canteens, etc. These volumes recede and rotate at 5-degree intervals, gradually facing the OCT Wetland Park to the north, creating a series of garden terraced terraces facing the natural beauty of the area.